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Gradient is an all-in-one software QA platform that accelerates and empowers your developers to evolve your system with confidence.

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Data Science Consultancy

We help you find potential in your data! We help you design, prototype, and implement solutions for your ongoing and future endeavors. Deep partnerships between your innovators and our experts ensure that the right data pools are tapped, while a constant knowledge flow guarantees that your in-house teams steadily grow.
Business Value Creation
Learn how to navigate your operations into a data-driven future.
Data Science Consultancy
Find and unlock the potential in your data and data operations.
Exploratory Data Analysis
Explore specific vertices of your business that enable better-informed decisions.
Advanced Analytics
Combine multiple facets of your operations into a continuously digestible stream of knowledge.
Find out what works for more risk-adjusted investments.
Data Infrastructure
Bring data solutions to production-scale and own your processes.